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For Healthy People & A Happy Planet. Nature’s Way

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Heneplex™ is a full spectrum hemp complex containing naturally occurring, non-psychoactive phyto-cannabinoids and over 75 botanical terpenes.

Nano Amplified

Nano-amplification increases the surface area of the powerful nutrients in Hemp Rain, so that less is much more. This makes our product nearly instantly bio-available for incredible cellular hydration and energy.*

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Hemp Rain Bottle front Image Hemp Rain Bottled water


Hemp Rain is made exclusively with Solar Rain, a water purification process that is powered by solar panels and sourced from a local sustainable source.


Electrolytes support a number of vital functions in the body & are essential to keep your body hydrated. Electrolytes also enhance performance, restore balance and help prevent muscle cramps.*

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Price: $3.99 each | .5L

Created by a team of Doctors, Hemp Rain gives you all the benefits of Heneplex™ in a deeply hydrating sustainable bottled water. Our CBD water is Nano-Amplified which increases the surface area of powerful antioxidants and nutrients, so less is much more. Hemp Rain gives you the hydration your body craves.

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Our friendly customer service team is here to help. We usually respond to emails within 1 to 2 business days. If you need to reach us sooner, give us a call.

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Contact Phone: 307-772-4584

Contact Email: info@cbdnaturals.com

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1712 Pioneer Ave Suite 1923
Cheyenne, WY 82001